AirPro AIRBGN-A1100

Brand: Air Pro
Product Code: AirPro-AIRBGN-A1100
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Price: INR(₹) 820.00
Ex Tax: INR(₹) 820.00

AirPro AIRBGN-1100. 150M Wi-Fi router is easy to setup. It can work as wireless gateway, wireless bridge and wireless ISP (WISP). It supports Multiple SSID/AP, QoS, WDS, and WPS. It comes with 5dBi high gain antenna for longer Wi-Fi coverage and the wireless transmission power is adjustable. For security in wireless communications, the 802.11n WI- Fi router supports the latest WPA/WPA2 and multiple encryption types. The WAN port of the wireless AP router supports DHCP(Dynamic IP), PPPoE, Static IP, WISP, and PPPoE (Internet)+DHCP(IPTV) through only one physical WAN port for both internet access and IPTV broadcasting

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