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1. IEEE 802.3ah 
2. IEEE Std 802.1D, 1998 Edition, Media Access Control (MAC) Bridges
Optical property
 Support WDM, single fiber two-way transmission
 Interface type: SC/UPC 
 Maximum splitting ratio: 1:32
 Speed: 1.25Gbps symmetry at the upper and lower
 Sent wavelength: 1310 nm
 Received wavelength: 1490 nm
 Optical output power: -1~+4dBm
 Receiving sensitivity: < -25dBm
 The farthest distance between OLT and ONU is 20km
 Layer 2 switch:
 Support IEEE 802.1q VLAN
 Support speed rate inhibition of broadcast packet at ONU
 IEEE 802.3x flow control
 Support IGMP Snooping: support 16 multicast addresses at each LAN port
 Security strategy:
 MAC address is the automatic registration mark of ONU
 Support plug and play, automatically register
 Support SID
 Management maintenance:
 Support the remote management from OLT to ONU, support SNTP and Log
 Upgrade software remotely
 Support to save configuration parameters when power down

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