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Product Code: MAC-EL-5600
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MACTELPRO-5600 is designed for chassis OLT device which provides 4/8 downlink 1000M PON ports, 4/8 uplink GE Combo ports by MACTEL-PRO. The height is only 1U for easy installation and space saving. Each PON supports up to 64 terminals, the whole device supports up to 512 ONUs under full configuration.
GEPON 5600 is applied for commercial and grid network digital management to provide perfect, smart, strong, advanced, professional solutions for “automatic distribution” and “electricity information collection” in the implemented project for the national grid.

Product Features:

  • Carrier-class stability and network resiliency 
  • Adopt large-scale NGBN operation system with intellectual property rights in the global carrier network
  • Support PON fiber redundancy protection and device redundancy protection protocol
  • Support rich security features to protect the users, devices and network.
  • Single power supply input   
  • All PON and GE ports provide L2/L3 full-line speed without losing packets

Full PON service

  •  Each PON support 1:64 splitting ratio ( The maximum quantity of 64 ONU)
  •  Hot plug PON fibber module design, the farthest 20Km transmission distance
  •  Support 128bits triple churning function to ensure the confidential for the data transmission
  •  Support dynamic bandwidth distribution DBA algorithm

Powerful OAM 

  •  Use packet forwarding based on hardware to be effective for feature detection and packet filtering
  •  Support auto protection and user blocking for ARP attack based on MAC address
  •  Support all kinds of protecting DDoS, CPU over-current and VRRP etc
  •  Support BFD, FlexLink, auto linkage aggregation and Ethernet Ring protection

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