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AG-HP-5G27 AirGrid M5, AirMax AP-CPE (NEW)

Patent Pending InnerFeed™ Antenna Technology Utilizing Inner...
INR(₹) 5,199.00
Ex Tax: INR(₹) 5,199.00

airFiber 5GHz Point to Point 1+ Gbps Radio

Revolutionary Wireless Technology Introducing airFiber, a tr...
INR(₹) 100,000.00
Ex Tax: INR(₹) 100,000.00

AirPro AIR BHEEM 2322 -5.8G, 300Mbps Outdoor

AIR BHEEM 2322 is an IEEE802.11a/n standard outdoor CPE/Wi-F...
INR(₹) 3,500.00
Ex Tax: INR(₹) 3,500.00

AirPro AIR DRONA 2321-150MBPS High Power AP

Excellent performance, super wider working range, best choic...
INR(₹) 2,700.00
Ex Tax: INR(₹) 2,700.00

AirPro AIR LAKSHYA-2.4G, 300Mbps Outdoor

AirPro AIR LAKSHYA 300Mbps high power outdoor AP/Client Comp...
INR(₹) 3,500.00
Ex Tax: INR(₹) 3,500.00

AirPro AIR M1200 AC Dual Band Access Point

INR(₹) 12,500.00
Ex Tax: INR(₹) 12,500.00

AirPro AIR M600-2.4G, 600Mbps High Power AP

INR(₹) 9,000.00
Ex Tax: INR(₹) 9,000.00

AirPro AIR NAMO 2 -2.4G, 300Mbps Outdoor

AIR NAMO 2 is a 300Mbps high power outdoor CPE/AP with Omni ...
INR(₹) 7,500.00
Ex Tax: INR(₹) 7,500.00

AirPro AIR XDS9500-2.4G, 300Mbps High Power AP

INR(₹) 8,500.00
Ex Tax: INR(₹) 8,500.00

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